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There are so many different useful things to be found in today's commerce
that one can get lost when looking for something special.
Coco's many excursions to the Paris boutiques have led her to discover places where one can find items
that have at the same time character and quality... and that special French style. Enjoy!


Here is what we have to offer this month,
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Grand Sac de Linge
Petite Trousse
Torchon CB
Set de Gouter - Rose
Set de Gouter - Ciel
Set Parisienne - Rose
Set Parisienne - Purple
Set de Serviettes en lin
Porte-Rideau A
Porte-Rideau B
Porte-Rideau C
Petit Sac de Toile de Jouy
Grand Sac de Toile de Jouy
Set de Serviettes
Housse de Coussin
Sst de Papetrie
Set de Memo
Set de Post-it
Livre "Rangements"
la Poudre c'est moi
Femmes de papier
Les Annees 50
Set de Tour d'Eiffel
Set de Chocolat
Set de Rose Rayure
Set de Rose Carreaux
Set de Cuisine Tradition
Set de Torchon Poule
Set d'Alphabet & Bol
Set d'Alphabet & Patte
Set de Torchon Lin
Set de Provence
Set d'Olive A
Set d'Olive B
Set de Cuisine Chic
Set de Bougir bleu
Set de Torchon chic
Set de Torchon POP
Livre " Le Collier "
Livre " Fumerr... "
Set "Cafe"
Set "cuisine Tricolor"
Set "Breton-The"
Set "Breton-Assiette"
Shopping bag
Ice cube tray/Bac a glacons
Daniel et Valerie "Lisons"
Set "Ecivons-Cahier No1&2"
La Cle des Mots
Livre "Gaspard Le Hibou"
Livre "La Maison"
Livre "La Ville"
Livre "Le Zoo"
Repertoire "Les Ours"
Menu de Cafe - Jambon de bayonne
Menu de Cafe - Viande Froide
Menu de Cafe - Fruits du Mer
Menu de Cafe - Paella
Menu de Cafe - Feuilletes Jambon/Fromage
Menu de Cafe - Hamburger
Mug "Orange"
Set "POP"
Set de "Petits Carnets"
Set de "Bougie POP"
Set de "L'ECOLE"
CD-Rom "Book Tourniquet"
Catalogue "WINNY"
Livre "Regarde mon chapeau !"
Livres "Theo et Leo"
Livre "Jeannot LE LAPIN"
Livre "Teddy L'OURSON"
Set de 7 mini-livres "BABAR"
Livre "Le Caneton Vagabond"



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