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Cocomo BOUTIQUE - ブティック



This is a portal where you can find four more rooms: Buvard, Bric-a-Brac, Protege-Cahier and Porte-clef.To find out more continue onward...



Coco knows all the best places in Paris to find interesting items - refreshing in this world of Ikea-like mass distribution. Come in to to see what she's found this month



If you like to sew and don't know where to find those special details you'd liketo add to your sewing projects, this is the place to come!



Coco loves handbags and has come up with a few designs of her own. This is how she began, but we also have stationary, household items, and eventually we hope to make t-shirts and other wearable and portable items.


電話をクリックして頂きますと、ご注文に関しての詳細が書かれた頁が現れます。ご注文の際は同頁の Contactez-Nous という部分をクリックすると現れるemailフォーマットよりお願い致します。

Here you can find all you need to know about ordering, and when you're ready the link to the e-mail order form.


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