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Cocomo livre title

Cocomo LIVRE - 絵本



Here you will find many lovely picture books from all ages. Aside from their simple charm, they have many uses: you may like to display them in your home and on your bookshelves for a little "french decor" feeling, or you perhaps would like to use them to teach yourself or your children a new language. In any case, their simplicity and beautiful illustrations are pleasing to all ages.

Many of these books are worn with the years of love given them by the French children who owned them. Corners may be bent because of use, but for us this just adds to their charm. It is quite common for a young book owner to write his name in the cover, and you may sometimes also find the writing of the person who gave the book as a gift. Authours such as Richard Scarry and Alain Gree were much appreciated throughout the 20th century: we have many of their works in here.
Have a look above, or have a look below. Enjoy your stay!

La Foret / Alain Gree
Petit Atlas / Alain Gree
Pourquoi ? 38questions de Petit Tom /Gerard & Alain Gree
Je reponds a tout avec les faefeluches
Le Livre des Mots / Richard Scarry
Clara Le docteur / Richard Scarry
En Vacances / Richard Scarry
Allons a la Ville
Conte de l'Oeuf d'or
Paroles de CHATS
Le coq, le chat et le souriceau
J'apprends a Compter
Mon Livre de Cuisine
je joue a ...jouer
Histoire de L'Automobile
333 Repences
Comment faire des merveilles
Jouets de papier
Loisir et couleurs
Set de magazines "Babar"
Bonne Nuit les Petits - Album Vacances
io Colore Cappuccetto Rosso
Le Jardin de Suzanne
Au long des jour
Le Sablier 3
Je veux lire
Je veux lire - cahier
Cirinne Jerome et Frite
Cahier du Matin
Mon Cahier de mathematiques
Chaussons pirouette


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